Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Just a regular day...

I am writing while Craig cooks curry. I have had to leave the kitchen as the strong smells are knocking me sick. I have been less nauseated this pregnancy so maybe it is a boy on the way? We can just hear Freya over the baby monitor shouting Cameron and Aimee alternately. Maybe she is missing her cousins after a weeks holiday with them.

After having a beautiful day of sunshine yesterday with Freya playing in the sand/water pit, today has been a yet another rainy day. It has been my mission not to let the rain stop our adventures so with sowester and waterproof dungarees etc we still walked the dog around the park.

As is often the case, we bumped into nanny, Benson and Buster. After a good mooch and Moomin eating her weight in duck food we retired up to nanny's for a cup of tea. We just managed to see dad as he went out on one of his ancestry trips to Wales. He's just finishing uncle Clive's side of the family. It's nice to see Dad enthusiastic because his mood tends to get low with the rubbish weather.

I justed managed to get Freya's lunch down her before she fell asleep in her high chair. Which leads me to my painfully short but favourite part of the day. I had a snooze whilst catching up with Dr Who (I always fall asleep before Craig at night!) After sleeps, it was a trip to Sainsbury's. Freya kept shouting 'cuppa tea' when we hit the kettle section! I can't even decipher what she called cucumber but an amusing trip anyhoo. Must dash to get my curry which smells a lot lovelier now that it's cooked!

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