Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Continuing dry spell

This is a beautiful picture of one of our local reservoirs, 'The Entwistle'.

It was taken in May last year. We have been experiencing a real dry spell... not lovely hot weather you understand just the absence of real rainfall. I have been walking around the Entwistle regularly for a couple of weeks now. The route is flat which is great for me with the heavy buggy, sciatica and grumbling SPD pain. It has also seemed necessary to increase the distances that Moomin walks to try and get rid of her holiday bulge (courtesy of nanny Pat!) This is the view of the reservoir today, considerably lower...

It makes you appreciate the rain we are finally getting!

We have had a couple of days where Freya has only slept an hour or so at lunchtime (grrr) however, today whilst Steve and Jackie had their concrete drive jack hammered she slept for over two hours and I had to wake her to be in time for swimming.

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